A little clarification

So reports about our forthcoming web series involving old clips of Kiner’s Korner are blowing up the Internet, but I’ve seen a bunch of people extrapolating the reports in all sorts of different ways so I figured I’d clarify:

The series, which I’m very excited about, does indeed include clips from the original Kiner’s Korner. But the original clips will only make up a short portion of each “episode.” The rest will be Ralph reflecting back on that clip, with me sitting next to him like a slack-jawed goon.

We used every scrap of original footage we could find for the shows, but there’s really not much of it out there — we are by no means re-airing entire original episodes of Kiner’s Korner, as I’ve seen a couple of blogs suggest. We would if we could, but those have been, sadly, presumably long since been taped over by now-defunct networks of yesteryear.

Ralph is awesome. He has an unbelievable take on the game, a remarkable memory and a lifetime full of incredible baseball anecdotes, so the show will be worth watching. This is the culmination of the awesomeness I wrote about a few months ago, and hanging out with Ralph for these videos was, like I said, completely amazing.

2 thoughts on “A little clarification

  1. Ted, the respect, love and admiration you just showed for Mr. Kiner is exactly how every other Met fan feels about him. Even, Gary, Keith & Ron get a huge thrill out of asking Ralph questions, and then laughing as Kiner so brilliantly tells stories. Kiner is awesome, and you did a great job showing the proper respect for a legend who is adored by Mets’ fans.

  2. Gee, an actual good use of the internet!

    as long as it doesn’t cut into your sandwich reivews, what’s not to love?

    Being old enough to remember watching the show live, back when Ralph looked like he could still play, this should be a very interesting series.

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