And like that, the Rod Barajas era is over

Just for posterity, I suppose. You’ve probably already heard that the Dodgers claimed Rod Barajas off waivers from the Mets, the Mets let him go, and now Barajas is starting games for the Dodgers.

I’m fine with how the whole Rod Barajas thing played out. The Mets needed a catcher this Spring because the world’s longest, dumbest game of chicken ended with Bengie Molina back in San Francisco. They signed Barajas. He hit a bunch of home runs early on, but, as so often happens, proved to be Rod Barajas in the long run.

Probably the Mets could have cut bait on Barajas a bit sooner, but they were still winning during the first part of his slump I suppose. Anyway, I think I might have had more patience with Barajas than I should have because of his awesome choices for at-bat music.

Anyway, seems like now it works out best for everyone. Barajas goes home to California and gets regular playing time. The Mets and their fans get to see Josh Thole play more often to determine if he’s ready to be an everyday Major League catcher.

Low Rider and California Love will be missed.

2 thoughts on “And like that, the Rod Barajas era is over

  1. The Mets’ next move will be to get that PTBNL from the Blue Jays for Mike Jacobs. And that player will be, you guessed it, Mike Jacobs! Or maybe we can trade Francoeur for Jacobs and in the offseason Francoeur can be that PTBNL. Doesn’t that sound like an Omar Minaya deal waiting to happen? Or maybe they’ll just get “cash considerations” from Toronto since the Wilpons are broke.

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