From Minor League camp

Video producer Jeff and I spent the afternoon at Mets Minor League camp, banking a bunch of video and interviews that we’ll roll out over time. It’s not full camp yet for the Minor Leaguers — it’s the Mets’ Step camp (not sure if Step is an acronym or not), so it was just a select group of young players. It poured here, so the workouts were curtailed and we didn’t get to see much batting practice, but it’s nonetheless interesting to see some of the Mets’ prospects we hear about all the time in action.

Reese Havens, notably, looks pretty fluid and comfortable at second base. I guess because he hits for power I was expecting a bigger guy, but he’s built like a middle infielder.

Cesar Puello looks awesome doing just about everything. Not hard to see why Toby Hyde and a bunch of other prospects experts are so high on him. Also not hard to see why people think he’ll develop power. He’s got broad shoulders and seemed to be ripping the ball in the cage.

After just about every other player was done, Matt Harvey and Brad Holt stayed behind to work on bunting in the batting cage. So that’s cool.

Also, and perhaps most notably to TedQuarters readers: While we were standing in a conference room protecting our camera from the rain, Jeff called me over to the glass door that opens out to the batting cages. “It’s your boy,” he said.

Blocking the doorway was the enormous Val Pascucci, of folk-hero fame. He came to camp early knowing he’d be given opportunities in split-squad games like the one he got in Orlando yesterday. Extremely nice guy, it turns out. We talked for a while, a fraction of which you’ll see on video soon. He was aware of the Internet’s vehement Val Pascucci Lobby.

I asked Dickie Scott, the Mets’ new Minor League Field Coordinator, about Pascucci, and he said, “you know, he has hit everywhere he’s been.” As a matter of fact, I do know that.

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