David Wright on sandwiches

It has been widely reported that David Wright eats a ton of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. This report is, to paraphrase R.A. Dickey, erroneous.

Wright denied eating “a ton” of them and suggested that rumor was overblown, though he confessed he eats peanut-butter sandwiches often. Moreover, his sandwich of choice is not peanut butter and jelly, it is peanut butter, banana and honey, sometimes with oatmeal in the sandwich.

Oatmeal in the sandwich? Groundbreaking. But Wright is typically humble.

“I’m no sandwich connoisseur,” he said.

I suggested that the sandwich wasn’t terribly far off from Elvis’ favorite, and described The King’s peanut butter with honey, banana and bacon on bread grilled in butter.

“No bacon, no butter,” Wright said. “And I usually eat it on a wrap.”

Interesting. Wright said he makes the sandwiches himself and that he doesn’t have a preferred peanut-butter brand — “Whatever’s around.”

I explained that I am particular about my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, that I always use Skippy on whole wheat bread cut diagonally. He seemed vaguely entertained and perhaps a little sketched out. I might have come on too strong, presenting myself as a sandwich expert and all.

“So that’s your go-to?” he asked. I told him it was, anytime I was heading into the office, at least.

“Hey, it’s good, and it stays fresh all day,” he said.

He’s right, you know. Portability and durability are big parts of the peanut butter sandwich’s appeal.

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