Most Big East teams make the NCAA Tournament

A record 11 Big East teams were chosen to compete in the 68-team tournament, including regular-season winner Pittsburgh as the No. 1 seed in the Southeast.

UConn, which completed an unprecedented run through the Big East tournament Saturday by winning its fifth game in five days, gained the conference’s automatic bid.

Ten teams were chosen among the 37 at-large selections: Pittsburgh, Notre Dame, Louisville, Syracuse, St. John’s, West Virginia, Cincinnati, Georgetown, Marquette and Villanova.

The previous record was eight, set by the Big East in 2008.

Adam Zagoria,

There’s probably going to be a lot of college hoops talk everywhere in the next week, and I suppose the Big East earning 11 bids provides as good a segue as I’m going to find to explain my rooting and bracket-completing interests every March.

First off: I pick Georgetown to win in every bracket I fill out every year (at least now that they reliably make the Tournament; no thanks to you, Craig Esherick). I know that this is not necessarily the smart way to bet, . But I also know that your method, whatever it is, is also not necessarily the smart way to bet, and mine offers me the slim chance of ultimate awesomeness in reward. I don’t want to ever even imagine a situation in which Georgetown reaches the finals but I stand to win money if they lose.

And none of this “one bracket with my team, one ‘real’ bracket,” nonsense either. That’s for sissies. This is the only time all year I go all in for my alma mater. I will mention the $50 I will inevitably lose when next someone calls asking for an alumni donation.

The second most important thing is that Syracuse loses. I’m not dumb enough to pick them to lose that early in the tournament because Jim Boeheim and his stupid face are too good for that, but I’ll write them off somewhere around the Sweet 16. Again, don’t want to invite a scenario wherein I stand to benefit from the Orange winning.

After that, I root for Big East supremacy above all. I won’t bet this way, but I’m pulling for an Elite 8 with seven Big East squads. (There is no Big East team in one half of the West regional.)

So we’ll say, I don’t know, Georgetown over UConn in the finals? Book it.

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