Now presenting the best thing ever

I have friends in the promos department:

For what it’s worth, Gil, the fellow with the dog there, is SNY’s one-man IT army and, in truth, a good guy who’s very good at his job. But I have been tweaking him on Twitter for months trying to convince him to find room in the IT budget to get me a company iPad for… I don’t know. If I had one, I’d know all the important work-related things I could be doing on it.

Also, the way Mets fans Blame Beltran for everything that goes wrong, SNY employees — by which I mean me, primarily — blame Gil. As far as I’m concerned, basically everything that plugs in around here is his responsibility, so if my cable box is wonky or the little red voicemail indicator on my phone isn’t working or light bulbs burn out, that’s because of something Gil did. So obviously my troubling lack of an iPad2 falls directly on his shoulders.

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