Jets might get the second-best cornerback in the league because he wants to be an actor

An actor!

If you haven’t heard, the NFL offseason is ON! NFL Offseason Free Agent Frenzy 2K11, presented by Dodge.

The league’s hype machine is so overwhelming that I usually avoid most football talk until actual football starts, but the thought of Nnamdi Asomugha lined up across the field from Darrelle Revis is tantalizing, even in July with real baseball games happening. I don’t know if I buy that it will happen for love of theater and not love of money, but then I don’t know the man.

Mike Salfino has been on this one for a while.

What does that defense look like? It’s almost hard to conceive, and I’m so long out of the football mindset that I probably need to think on it some more. It’d be a sight to behold, I imagine. You still need someone to handle the middle of the field, though.

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