Reader/commenter Non_banned_ryan passes along Gordon Edes’ list of potential managers for the Red Sox. Included:

His nine years of managing experience with the White Sox and Mets include a division title in Chicago in 2000, when he was named AL Manager of the Year. But Manuel was never able to overcome the stigma of the Mets blowing a seven-game lead with 17 to play in 2007, and was fired in 2010 after two seasons in which the Mets were decimated by injuries. Cerebral and low-key, Manuel scores high in communication skills and would seem to fit the Sox profile of seeking a players’ manager.

As Ryan points out: “Cerebral” is code for “wears glasses.” “High in communication skills” means “impresses the media with his one-liners while he neglects to talk to players for weeks at a time.”

Also odd that he wouldn’t be able to shake the stigma of 2007, when Willie Randolph managed the Mets. But I suppose Manuel was the bench coach then.


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