The Mets could trade David Wright

I’m hearing that the Mets could trade David Wright for prospects or pitching or a proven veteran leader or a big-time power threat or a dirty-uniform guy or some combination thereof.

The Mets have considered and will again consider dealing Wright, even though it is extremely unlikely that they do so. Nearly every other front office in baseball has internally discussed acquiring Wright, regardless of if they have the requisite pieces to pull off such a trade or the money with which to pay Wright’s salary or even the need for a third baseman.

And though Wright could void the 2013 club option in his contract if he is dealt — making him more valuable to the Mets than any acquiring team — there remains some chance the Mets will flip him to a potential contender looking for a one-year rental at third base if that team can return a package that Sandy Alderson believes is worth more to the Mets than Wright’s next two seasons.

The Mets are interested in re-signing Jose Reyes, but not if his demands exceed what they’re willing to pay. If the Mets sign Reyes, they might trade Wright to free up salary or keep Wright in an effort to compete sooner rather than later. If the Mets don’t sign Reyes, they will consider both trading Wright and not trading Wright.

For the Mets to trade Wright, they will need to find a willing trade partner offering one or more players that could contribute to their future more than Wright will, then hammer out the details and fill out a bunch of paperwork. Though it is possible all of that could happen this winter, it is improbable.

If the Mets retain Wright, they could also trade him during the season or keep him for the length of his contract or sign him to an extension.

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