R.A. Dickey on the slow knuckler

During his two shutout innings in the Mets’ intrasquad game today, R.A. Dickey threw a couple of his extra-slow knuckleballs, drawing “oohs” and “ahhs” from the crowd.

After the game, Dickey cited the velocity readings on the Digital Domain Park on his fastballs and said he needed to be conscious of building up his arm strength before Opening Day. He said he’d like his fastball to sit between 80 and 85 mph, and it seemed like it was generally topping out around 80 today, though — and as Dickey noted — it’s hard to put too much stock in one stadium’s radar (it’s Spring Training for the scoreboards, too).

As for the slow ones, Dickey said he threw two of them intentionally, and that he wants the slow knuckler in the low 60s. He noted that he threw a 57 mph pitch in 2011 — the slowest pitch in baseball last year.

“But that’s too slow,” he said. “When it’s that slow, the hitter has time to see it and adjust.”

Dickey added that while he’s not a flamethrower, he generally stays conscious of the velocities on his pitches.

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