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At the age of 29, and as he is left out of the industry trend of teams locking up franchise players, New York Mets third baseman David Wright has begun already a third act to his career. It is the comeback phase. After a career-worst season in 2011, when it appeared that a canyon of a ballpark was extracting the greatness from his career, Wright went back to his roots. He hit last winter at a high school batting cage with Nick Boothe, the baseball coach at Virginia Wesleyan who had worked with Wright as a teenager.

“He was like, ‘What is this?'” Wright said. “He said, ‘You’ve gotten away from what made you successful.’ I had tinkered with things so much over the last few years that I got further and further away from what worked for me.”

Tom Verducci,

Click through and read the whole thing. Nothing mind-blowing, but a good and fair summation of David Wright’s struggles the last few years and his pending contract situation. It even notes Wright’s option situation and calls the possibility of a trade “remote,” which a) is true, and b) seems like a solid litmus test for accuracy and thoroughness in sports reporting. If you’re propagating David Wright trade rumors without noting that his 2013 option only belongs to the Mets, you’re either not paying attention, misunderstanding the situation, or misleading the reader.

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