Sandwiches of Citi Field: Carnitas quesadilla

El Verano Taqueria has quesadillas this year. From the tasting event, I thought they would only be available in beef, but then I got there and there were pork, chicken and veggie quesadillas available too. I panicked and picked the carnitas, because in times of doubt I always choose the option that provides the most pork.

(For the purposes of this pursuit, by the way, I’m calling a quesadilla a sandwich. I’m not sure it is one, but since the Sandwiches of Citi Field series is not aimed at reaching a definition of a sandwich but at reviewing as many ballpark food options as possible, I’m liberal with the term.)

It comes with a lime crema for dipping and looks like this:

It’s pretty good, though not spectacular. The cheese is smooth and melty, salty but not overwhelmingly sharp, and the pork is tender. Since it’s just melted cheese and pork inside a pressed tortilla, though, the thing is pretty greasy. The strongest flavor comes from the lime crema, which is tasty on its own but strong enough in its tartness that it’s not clear it really goes with the quesadilla.

Which is a little disappointing, because the regular carnitas tacos from El Verano Taqueria remain about my favorite thing available at Citi Field. It’s still a solid quesadilla, though.

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