In case you missed it

I was at the St. Louis Cardinals game last night (I got to school in St. Louis), and brought a friend who is graduating but had never seen a baseball game live.  As they’re announcing the players, I lean over to him and point out Beltran.  “Watch him,” I said, “he’s really good at baseball.”

Little did I know Beltran was in a 3-for-30-something slump.

Little did it matter.

Bottom of the first, Beltran blasts a line-drive, no-doubt homer into right, the kind of homer you know is gone off the bat.

Bottom two, a selfish RBI for Beltran.

Bottom three, a homer just left of center.

Bottom five, single.  No score help, but considering that AJ Burnett was hammered for 12 runs in 3 innings before taken out, it didn’t matter much.

Overall, 4-5 night, 2 singles, 2 homers, 7 RBI.  Needless to say, my friend now knows the greatness that is Beltran.

Figured between baseball and Carlos Beltran being awesome, you might appreciate the story.

– Ben, via email.

He’s right, you know: Carlos Beltran is awesome, and I do appreciate the story.

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