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I haven’t tried that specific Steak N’ Shake, but I had a Steak N’ Shake burger in Florida and was underwhelmed. Despite all the hype around its arrival in New York, it doesn’t hold a candle to the new breed of highish-end fast-food burger places that have taken the city by storm. I only had one so, as with almost all sandwich reviews here, I’m working with a miserably small sample, but to me it’s not much of an upgrade over the best of the big fast-food chains (ie Wendy’s). Still tasty, don’t get me wrong, but not worth skipping Shake Shack or Five Guys for.

He’s certainly the early favorite. I haven’t had a good look at every one of the league’s rookies yet, obviously, but most of the good ones appear to have some sort of very baseball-y and typically late-90sish chin beard, and none can boast Nieuwenhuis’ flowing blond surfer-bro locks. If you’re strictly looking for guys who might be in an 80s movie, Bryce Harper has to be considered too. Also, Reds catcher Devin Mesoraco looks like he might play the best friend of the guy whose girlfriend dumps him for Kirk Nieuwenhuis.

I can’t speak for any of those guys and I won’t try to, but I can say that a) the once-endless SNY/Wilpon/Mets conspiracy theories are one of the more frustrating aspects of my job (not that Adam’s suggesting any of them here) and b) no one has ever told me what to write or what not to write. The only time I’ve ever heard from anyone at the Mets was when I misstated the terms of Cory Sullivan’s contract in a column criticizing the Mets for giving guaranteed Major League money to people like Cory Sullivan, when, in fact, Sullivan had a split contract.

The afternoon shows on SNY seem to rip the Mets as thoroughly and frequently as WFAN does at times. Bob doesn’t mince words about the Mets when he’s fired up about something in the post-game show. And I think the SNY booth is as critical of the team it covers as any in baseball.

Every now and then, yes. At Citi Field and in Port St. Lucie during Spring Training it happens pretty frequently, but maybe once a month around the city someone will say hello. It’s hilarious and awesome, and makes me feel a little closer to achieving my goal of a James Rebhorn-level of notoriety.

If you’re reading this and you do happen to see me out in public, by the way, please say what’s up. The ensuing conversation will probably be kind of awkward, but it makes me feel super awesome and cool. Also — and I’m hoping if I bury it in a Q&A post he won’t see this — if you ever see Matt Cerrone and I in a bar and you come up to me all like, “TED BERG! YES! I LOVE TEDQUARTERS SO MUCH!” and act like you have no idea who Cerrone is, I’ll buy you a beer. The opposite thing happens all the time, though I suspect there’s no acting involved.

Dude I thought you were an optimist. That coffee cup is half-full. But no, you probably shouldn’t drink it.


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