Mets draft two guys

The Mets drafted high-school shortstop Gavin Cecchini and Purdue catcher Kevin Plawecki last night. Based on my extensive research, I can confirm that they are indeed human beings who play baseball. Beyond that, your guess is as good as mine. Toby Hyde has more at, as does Alex Nelson at Amazin’ Avenue.

Generally, I never feel too strongly about the players the Mets choose in the draft, since I’m not a scout and I certainly haven’t spent nearly as much time researching amateur players as the Mets’ scouting department. To boot: They have a veritable army of trained scouts tracking amateur players across the country, and I am one guy who never pays any attention to the draft until a couple of days before it happens.

Since drafting is sort of a crapshoot in all sports — and especially baseball — the process seems more important than the specifics. And this year, thanks to new rules about slot compensation in the Collective Bargaining Agreement, it’s hard to figure what makes for the best draft process. So I’ve got nothing.

Maybe Cecchini and Plawecki develop into superstars, maybe they suck. Most likely they’ll fall somewhere in the middle. The general consensus among people who know about this type of stuff seems to be that the Mets drafted a couple of high-floor, lower-ceiling players, but then, really, who knows? It’s almost cliched to mention this now, but Albert Pujols was drafted in the 13th round in 1999, when he was less than two years away from being a Hall of Fame-caliber hitter. No one drafted Brandon Beachy in 2008, and he’s leading the NL in ERA. Et cetera, et cetera. I’ll let you know how the Mets’ 2012 draft was in, like, six years.


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