The Phillie Phanatic has been sued four times this decade

Suzanne Peirce claims she was attending her sister’s wedding at The Golden Inn in Avalon on July 17, 2010 and was poolside with the Phanatic, who was “engaging in various antics” during a comic routine, according to a lawsuit filed last week in Common Pleas Court and first reported by Courthouse News,

The Phanatic suddenly picked up both Peirce and her lounge chair and tossed both into the pool, according to the suit….

This isn’t the first time the Phanatic’s been accused of being too fanatical: in 2010 the Daily News found he’d been sued at least three other times in the last decade, once for hugging someone too hard. In 2010, a woman attending a Reading Phillies game with her church group claimed he sat on her legs, making her arthritis act up and ultimately led to a knee replacement, a lawsuit alleged.

Jason Nark,

You’re going to want to click through and read this one. Apparently the Phanatic wasn’t even a part of this wedding, he was just hanging out at this hotel on the Jersey Shore doing his thing, which of course includes chucking unsuspecting women into pools.

To the Phanatic’s credit, he’s probably under a lot of workplace-related stress, what with (presumably) getting intentionally vomited on and offered sex for tickets all the time, plus having to suffer through whatever Cole Hamels chose for his warmup song every fifth day, plus having to put out fires between Jayson Werth and Chase Utley in the clubhouse, plus now having to pretend to actually enjoy watching Jonathan Papelbon carry on in the ninth.

But then there’s a lot about the Phanatic that suggests he’s part of the problem. Case in point: He has been sued at least four times this decade.

Via Howard Megdal.

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