Which Mets are worth a shift?

Mark Simon at ESPNNewYork.com looks at the Mets with the most pronounced pull tendencies in advance of the series against the Rays, who employ aggressive defensive shifting. Not surprisingly to anyone who has watched a Mets game in the last couple of years, Jason Bay and Scott Hairston pull nearly everything. I imagine aggressive infield shifting would/will hurt Bay in particular, since he seems to get many of his singles on ground balls that find holes on the left side of the infield.

In a related story, a guy at my weekly baseball game in Brooklyn downloaded some iPhone app that tracks stats and creates spray charts. I, too, almost exclusively hit my ground balls to the left side of the infield. I’ll hit line drives up the middle sometimes, but everything on the ground goes to the shortstop, the third baseman, somewhere in between, or right over the third base bag. I’m a bit concerned that once the data is available visually, opponents will shift their second baseman over and destroy my BABIP. Pete if you’re reading don’t say anything.

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