Friday Q&A, pt. 2: Food stuff

People ask the last-meal question with some frequency. My thing is: Why is this my last meal? Am I on death row for some reason? What’d I do? Is it an Armageddon scenario, in which my drilling skills are needed to save the world but I know I might die in the process? In either case, it’s going to be emotional, and it’s hard to say right now from the relative comforts of my desk how I’d feel when pressed to choose my last meal. And it’s hard to imagine a situation wherein I knew I was about to die and I’d be particularly hungry for anything at all.

That said, I know what Taco Bell tastes like and, awesome as it is, I’d want the world’s greatest burrito — especially if you could guarantee me that it is in fact the world’s greatest burrito. Really, if I didn’t have a family that loves me and sometimes depends on me for stuff, I might even volunteer to die in exchange for one of the world’s greatest burritos provided it came with the assurance that it is definitely, without question, the best burrito that has ever been served in the world. Because after that, what more do you have do live for anyway?

Oh man; there are so many delicious cured meats. I mean, bacon obviously, but after that it’s pretty much wide open. How about we narrow this down to criminally underrated Italian cured meats? In that case, it’s pancetta, capicola and soppressata. Everyone’s always all up in arms over prosciutto and how great it is, and I mean no disrespect to prosciutto because it’s pretty great, but it’s so expensive for what you get and due to its texture it’s really not ideal for sandwiches.

Next time you’re planning to buy salami, get soppressata instead. If they offer a choice, get the spicy kind. You’ll thank me later.

Sure. Jen’s asking about this instagrammed turkey burger, which I enjoyed for dinner last night. It was my wife’s idea. She made the tsatziki from a recipe she found online — I think this one — because Greek yogurt was on sale at Fairway. For the burgers, I just added two chopped-up cloves of garlic and some salt and pepper to a pound of ground turkey, mashed it all together and separated it into four burgers. I grilled them and put ’em on toasted whole-wheat challah rolls with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, tsatziki and some sriracha.

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