In defense of last night’s umpiring

Two things about that. One, that depends on where the runners were. And two, the rule does not ask, in fact does not allow for, the umpire to make a judgment about the chance of a double play. If you need to, go back up there and read the rule. We’ll wait … Okay, did you see anything in there about double plays? You didn’t, because it’s not there. All that matters is infielder and ordinary effort.

In the umpire’s judgment, that infielder was in position to make that play with ordinary effort.

Rob Neyer,

I happen to love the infield fly rule, and not just because it sounds like a poppy early 90s hip-hop outfit. Click through for Neyer’s examination of the rules and defense of the umpire’s decision. As he points out, the Braves played terribly for most of the game so it’s hard for anyone to point to that one call as the difference-maker.

Also, if anyone’s just eager to complain — because Twitter — why not fault the format instead of the human umpires that made a judgment call? The Braves finished the 162-game regular season six games better than the Cardinals and now go home over one game. Bad umpiring is ultimately not what cost them, but imagine if it were?

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