Jets seek maximum heartbreak, reel us back in

I don’t have to explain why the Jets’ passing game looks a hell of a lot more efficient on the same day they run for 252 yards, right? The Jets’ offensive line looked as good as they have all season, manhandling a Colts front featuring a hobbled Dwight Freeney and missing Robert Mathis.

Gang Green’s defense looked great, too. Antonio Cromartie’s interception and a few key stops early helped the offense put up 21 points in the second quarter, and the Colts couldn’t do much once they had to force it. Kudos the to the Revis-less Jets secondary for keeping up with the Indianapolis receivers, penalties notwithstanding.

A good game for Shonn Greene to quiet his doubters (this one included), though I suspect he’s hardly the only NFL running back who would put up huge numbers running through the holes he had. Someone buy Nick Mangold a steak dinner.

Spoken like a former center, I know.

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