Angels of BABIP smile on San Francisco

Don’t mistake this for me suggesting the Giants won Game 7 of the NLCS by nine runs last night on account of sheer luck. That’s obviously not what happened. For one thing, they played way better defense than the Cardinals — a big factor in the following number. But check it out (allowing for my inevitable math hiccup):

Cardinals’ Game 7 batting average on balls in play: .269
Giants’ Game 7 batting average on balls in play: .419

Such is baseball, and baseball rules. Really, outside of Brandon Belt’s homer when the game was more or less decided, how many balls did the Giants hit hard? Did Matt Cain actually look as dominant as the 5 2/3 shutout innings in the box score suggest? Certainly the Giants outplayed the Cardinals, but did they dominate them the way the final score says? And could anyone other than Hunter Pence have been responsible for this type of game-changing hit?

Our man Carlos Beltran exits another thunderous postseason with a whisper, earning a bloop single and a walk, with one late fly ball seemingly stifled by the San Francisco wind. Beltran’s 1.252 career postseason OPS, if you’re tracking at home, is still good for the best by anyone ever.

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