Dickey poll

Over at MetsBlog, Matt Cerrone weighs in on the Mets’ pending negotiations with R.A. Dickey and polls readers on how the club should approach them. Cerrone hears the Mets could expect “two top prospects” in a trade for Dickey this offseason, but, of course, that could mean a very broad range of things with varying implications for what the Mets should do with Dickey (i.e. depends on the deal).

If the two prospects are Major League ready position players that look likely to become franchise cornerstones, then peace out, R.A. and best of luck with the book and everything. That’s not likely to happen, though, since few teams have two Major League ready position-player prospects likely to become franchise cornerstones, and fewer still would be willing to deal them both if they did.

So I’m curious. Dickey is under the Mets’ control via a $5 million for 2013. And I’m not looking for what you’d hope to get for Dickey, since that would obviously be both the guaranteed championship and the power of invisibility. I’m looking for the least you’d be willing to accept in return for him:

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