Oh, right: Happy Halloween!

I actually didn’t realize it was Halloween until about 10 minutes ago. I celebrated at a party on Friday and continued my longstanding tradition of dressing up as notable mustache men. I have been Burt Reynolds, Magnum P.I., Colonel Sanders and Wilford Brimley in the past.

This year, without having done much to prepare as of Thursday, I took Adam Rotter’s suggestion and went as Ned Flanders. I had a green sweater, pink collared shirt, glasses and fake mustache already, so the whole costume cost me $2.50 for the yellow makeup.

The only thing I failed to consider is that Ned Flanders in real life would look absolutely terrifying. Okely-dokely AHHH!:

I got two votes for “scariest costume” at the party from people who didn’t know I was supposed to be Ned Flanders. They just wrote “yellow mustache pervert” or whatever.

Twitterer Tomm Bauer passed along another costume in a similar vein this morning.

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