Other fits for Dickey?

The Royals, Twins, Blue Jays, Padres, Red Sox and Brewers are among the clubs seeking help for their rotations. Such teams might prefer to trade for a Haren or Santana, even on an inflated one-year deal, rather than sign a free agent. The scarcity of quality starters on the open market likely will lead to inflated free-agent prices, particularly with more money in the game due to baseball’s new national television contracts.

Ken Rosenthal, FoxSports.com.

I’m still looking for possible partners in speculative R.A. Dickey trades besides the Angels, but I had been focusing on teams with outfielders to deal that appeared a starting pitcher away from contention, figuring that rebuilding clubs wouldn’t be too interested in dealing young, cost-controlled players for 38-year-olds (however awesome) signed to one-year deals (however inexpensive). But if Rosenthal’s above suggestion is correct, maybe some hopeful team starved for starters will open its prospect coffers for Dickey.

Of the teams listed there, the Red Sox and Padres seem the most logical fit. The Sox have some outfielders who have performed in the high Minors and, presumably, the payroll flexibility with which to sign Dickey to an extension. San Diego has a few impressive prospects blocked at their positions by young players already producing in the Majors. But of course, the Red Sox could use some help in the Major League outfield, and few of the Padres’ guys appear to be the near-ready regulars the Mets would purportedly be looking for.

Before you say it: I’d love to be proven wrong, but I don’t think the Blue Jays are going to trade Travis d’Arnaud in a deal for one year’s worth of R.A. Dickey.

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