The GIF that keeps on giving

Before all the trade hoopla went down last night, Drew Fairservice of Getting Blanked tweeted this GIF:

I don’t know when exactly this happened (though I know from Angel Pagan it was sometime this season) or how I missed it when it did, but I’ve made up for lost time by watching it roughly a million times. It’s like a GIF crafted by James Joyce in that you can experience it over and over again and still unpack new details. But unlike something crafted by James Joyce, it’s actually enjoyable.

Here are some observations on this GIF, listed in the order in which they were made:

– Retired NBA legend Dan Majerle makes a great grab on a ground-rule double at a Diamondbacks game in Phoenix.

– Dan Majerle made the catch with one hand and without moving any part of his body besides his right arm, holding a plate of food steady in his left hand throughout.

– Dan Majerle appears shocked, then impressed with himself, then a little bit embarrassed to have been so impressed with himself for catching a baseball at a baseball game, considering the magnitude of his athletic accomplishments.

– When Giants center fielder Angel Pagan throws his hands up — standard practice on ground-rule doubles — it looks in this case as though he’s just deferring to Dan Majerle, like he would otherwise continue chasing the ball but saw Dan Majerle there and realizes Dan Majerle’s got it.

– Dan Majerle, standing under an advertisement for a gym, doesn’t look a day older or any less fit than he did when he retired from the NBA a decade ago.

– Dan Majerle’s catch protects what looks to be an impressive spread of food behind him.

– Three-time NBA All-Star and Phoenix-area hero Dan Majerle appears to watch baseball games all alone in center field, favoring a wide, steady stance because Dan Majerle fears nothing. Upon first look it seems like the guy in the white polo might be standing with Majerle until the ball comes their way, but with further inspection it’s clear that the dude is actually a few steps behind Majerle from the beginning of the sequence. Even after the catch, Majerle’s admiring onlookers remain several feet away while they cheer his accomplishment. Dan Majerle just appreciates some space while he eats and watches baseball.

– White-shirt guy thinks the catch and Dan Majerle himself are hilarious. White-shirt guy will be telling this story for the rest of his life. Nothing Dan Majerle could do at this point would ever surprise white-shirt guy.

– After the catch and his initial reaction, Dan Majerle notices himself on the television to his immediate right. Presumably he also sees the smaller Dan Majerle on the TV seeing a yet-smaller Dan Majerle on TV, and so on into infinity.

– Dan Majerle’s party favors Grey Poupon mustard, obviously.

Enjoy your days. I’ll be here watching this GIF.

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