A-Rod denies existence of ‘Minotaur’ painting

No, I do not have a painting of my upper body on a Minotaur. I don’t know where they get that stuff.

Alex Rodriguez.

Well, yeah, but no one ever accused him of having a painting of his upper body on a minotaur. Minotaurs have the head of a bull with the body of a man, so replacing the head of a minotaur with Alex Rodriguez’s would just make it a painting of Alex Rodriguez.

A-Rod was accused of having a painting of his upper body on a centaur, an entirely different type of Greek mythological manimal. And I really, really hope he knows the distinction, the above quote is misdirection meant to imply that he doesn’t, and a portrait of A-Rod as a centaur still hangs proudly somewhere in his apartment near the original Warhols and Basquiats.

Also, and not to be too cynical about A-Rod’s interest in art — he’s on one of the ads outside the Met, after all — but is it a coincidence that the two famous artists A-Rod owns are the same two referenced by Jay-Z on a song from Watch the Throne?


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