Today in things that exist: This video

I tweeted something about how horrible Wham’s “Last Christmas” is — and it’s awful — and the backlash led me down a Wikipedia rabbithole of Christmas songs popular in England. That brought me to this, from the band Wizzard. Good luck. It’s actually pretty catchy:

For what it’s worth, the costumes/outfits in the above video were not out of the ordinary for Wizzard:

With Wood’s distinctive warpaint make-up and colourful costume,[3] not to mention regular appearances on BBC Television‘s Top of the Pops in which members and friends, including Wood’s girl friend, singer Ayshea Brough, variously appeared in pantomime horses, gorilla costumes or as roller-skating angels, often wielding custard pies for good measure, they were one of the most picturesque groups in the British glam rock era.

Here’s Wizzard’s entry into the library of great band photos of the 1970s:

Here's what Wizzard looked like.

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