Let your troll glow

Remember that unfair Twitter hashtag from a few years back, #BlameBeltran, that tried to scapegoat him for the team’s second-half fizzle? We have finally found the right situation for it. The Mets can blame Beltran for this loss, and he wasn’t even playing.

Andy Martino, N.Y. Daily News.

I know what I said about no-more-trolling, but y’all should be pretty proud of yourselves today. The trolling of yesteryear has been misinterpreted in mainstream reporting like we’re legit culture jammers or something.

I was so giggly about it I went out and purchased a hard copy of the Daily News. The newsstand in the Rockefeller Center concourse is apparently a Brookstone now so I had to walk over to the tiny magazine shop near the subway to get one, but I’ve got it and the article in question now hangs proudly over my desk next to the empty Cholula bottles, above the dartboard and the Eddy Curry Fat wheel. This won’t make my mom as proud as the time my Tebow tweet got quoted in the Times, but whatever.

To Martino’s credit, it’s not like there weren’t plenty of people scapegoating Beltran for the team’s second-half struggles. The Tweets that inspired the hashtag came in mocking reaction to those people. It’s just that the hashtag itself was, as far as I know, ironic in both its initial and its most frequent uses.

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