Oh, right: Cole Hamels was on Life After Top Chef

I went away for a few days and got so buried in nonsense this morning that I almost forgot: Cole Hamels continued his mission to bring back the old school baseball by learning to rissole scallops on Bravo’s Life After Top Chef on Wednesday. You can check out video from Hamels’ appearance here.

Predictably, Hamels embarrassed himself in his own lovably goofy way, but the show didn’t produce many overwhelmingly embarrassing images of Cole Hamels. This one, after he stumbled over chef Jen Carroll’s name for the second time, was pretty good:

And there’s this, a closeup of an apron-clad Cole Hamels smelling some cheese:

To Hamels’ credit, cheese is delicious and often smells so. And there’s nothing really embarrassing about cooking.

Plus, no screengrab I snatched of Hamels could possibly live up to the image of Jonathan Papelbon presented within the first few seconds of the above-linked clip. He appears absolutely terrified to be seen on Bravo, and it looks like his wife is consoling him. This is a dark day in the Papelbon household:

Anyway, what say you:

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